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Class farewell party was held with the purpose to explain to the kids in the class that they will leave the classroom to go to class in the next level. The class farewell party activities carried out in the last day children go to school, they will say goodbye with their teachers in the class, they will be split up with their friends in the class, because at the next level they will have new friends.


For the activity in this event, all will be prepared by the parents of each class. Each class has a type different activity. Some class will prepare performance as a give for teachers, the other class gives a performance for friends, and there are also parents who prepared a kind of entertainment for children such as a clown or magic.


This Class farewell party as an opportunity for all parents and children to being together in one event for the last time, so parents usually will prepare the show as good as possible because this is the last time they were in that class.



For level Kindergarten 2, class farewell party will be very memorable because they not only moved to another class in kindergarten but they moved to the other grade which is elementary school, which was previously in kindergarten to elementary school. For this year, we have event “Thanks to Parents” in Kindergarten 2 Level. The activity in Kindergarten 2-A is the washing parent’s feet by children and makes tea for the parents and the activity in Kindergarten 2-B is washing parent’s feet by children and they will make bread and fed to their parents. The show “Thanks to Parents” was held as a moment for child say thank you to their parents for their support during their study in kindergarten, and they asked them to always pray and continue to support in their next learning process in elementary school.



Goodbye kids… Enjoy your new journey in the next level..


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