Date: June 24, 2016 Author: indrilianti Categories: News

TKK BPK Penabur Sentul City Bogor

_DSC4074editbgt The Graduates

TOD PRE KG NASIONAL PLUS BPK PENABUR held their graduation ceremony Saturday, June 4th 2016 in Auditorium with vintage as our theme. Kindergarteners stood in front of their friends, family and teachers flipped their tassels and reveled in their milestone. A speech was delivered by Ibu Maria Dewi Irawati as our principal to congratulates the graduates as the young pupils as they set off for first grade.
The graduation was opened with our ceremonial tradition with accompaniment “Great is Thy Faithfullnes”song by musical group Shine as our performance guest.The ceremonial held with emotion and solemn and followed by BPK PENABUR march and Indonesia Raya. For the begining, graduates sing “ Andai Aku Tlah Dewasa” song for gtheir performance to their parents and “ Xie Xie Lao Tse” to their teachers.The graduates also give special performance, a drama “What I Want to be in the Future?” involving toddler until k1 appearance as performers in their drama. Starting the drama, a group of kids acting as the student and the teachers and begins with their talking about their dreams and their effort that they have to do to reach their dreams.
The dialogue lead to the fashion show performance by toddler and followed by “YMCA” dance and “Song for Children” sang by preschool. K1 continued with band performance “Old Time Rock and Roll” song and “Confidence” poem.
The main event started with ceremonial referral by calling the student one by one to stage and receiving doll and pin as a gift for their graduation. It ended by k2 singing performance “ Count on Me” song and then followed by others performance.

_DSC3991edit  The Teachers